Career in Scuba Diving: Shape Your Destiny as a Dive Instructor

People are often desirous of getting away from their humdrum existence that typically entails that of boring everyday work with the stress of negotiating traffic and noisy streets and may want to do something different. A career in scuba diving would be quite appealing, because of many factors, such as the fact that the allure of amazing destinations, beautiful people and because one may even become a Diving Instructor, at the end of the day.

Nevertheless, it is not quite so easy to pursue a career in scuba diving and becoming a diving instructor may not be for everyone.

How to get Started in Scuba Diving

People may often start on a career path and having completed the open water course or even, the advanced course may suddenly realize that the world beneath the water is rather unpredictable as well as quite unknown; and, one needs to have hours of experience and training in order to be able to fully comprehend the dangers inherent as well as the responsibilities of pursuing a career in scuba diving, especially so, when becoming a diving instructor.

The diving instructor is the focus of all attention and is also responsible for other people’s lives and safety and he or she is also the person in charge of imparting education to students so that they may become fully capable of diving in a limited period of time, which is not such an easy task as one may expect.

The career in scuba diving necessitates that the diving experience will be different from location to location and is also variable given different times of the year, equipment used as well as the people one dives with. So, keeping in mind all these variables and adding diving instructions to the mix would require high degree of expertise and great sense of responsibility. The satisfaction one can feel from pursuing a career in scuba diving may best be achieved when one sees the student having learnt his craft from you.

So, it is important to take a serious decision about pursuing a career in scuba diving because one will need all the tools and advice necessary to get one’s certification. One will first need to become a Divemaster and then one will be ready to become a Diving Instructor and for this one needs to have undergone the Instructor Development Course, sometimes called PADI IDC. This is a very complex course and is a ceaseless bombardment of information pertaining to standards, safety, students, the PADI system, law, as well as marketing and sales.

Scuba Diving Attire May Consist Of Items Such As Wet Suits, Buoyancy Compensators, Air Tanks And Weights

The Need To Have Proper Insulated Scuba Diving Attire Cannot Be Overemphasized

When the swim fin was created, it marked a step in the advancement of scuba diving attire and is a science in itself. Without the swim fin, scuba diving would become almost impossible and with them scuba diving is like a dreamy and fluid underwater experience because it allows the diver to propel him or herself through the water without any great deal of effort or energy being expended. In the full range of scuba diving attire, one is sure to find items such as wet suits, buoyancy compensators, air tanks and weights and movement underwater would be almost impossible were it not for such items. The correct set of fins would enable the diver to dive further as well as swim quicker by using the large muscles of the thighs.

One is faced with an astounding number of choices when wanting to select a swim fin pair and there are swim fins having their shape resemble those of a dolphin’s tail, swim fins with channels that look like the webbed feet of ducks, split swim fins, curved swim fins, stiff swim fins as well as flexible swim fins. There is something there for everyone and each pair would perform differently on different people so one has to choose the right swim fin to gain maximum advantage. The main thing is that the swim fin should be comfortable to wear and will enable the diver to kick/swim over long stretches of time, without making the legs cramp up and also do not pinch the toes and heels.

In addition, one would require wet suits and dry suits which are very important for scuba diving. These scuba diving attires would help to keep body temperatures normal, which is very important for both hot and cold conditions. The use of wet suits, dry suits as well as dive skins helps to keep the diver warm and safe while they are scuba diving. Since coldness affects a person’s thinking abilities as well as physical response times, becoming too cold may cause accidents to happen. Even in warm tropical waters, once the diver has been underwater over a prolonged period of time the body would start to cool and so, the scuba diving attire one uses in such instances should always be lightly insulated, at least.

At the time one makes a decision regarding thermal protection such as wet or dry suits one should take particular care about water temperatures, activity levels during the dive as well as body size. The scuba diving attires one chooses should always have more insulation in cold waters and light insulation in warm waters. Also, how much one exerts oneself during the dive will also govern the amount of insulation required. More active one is, will mean that the body will generate more heat and so the body needs lighter insulation, throughout the dive. Larger people may require scuba diving attire with less insulation and for finding the insulation level most suitable for personal use one should try out differing amounts of insulated scuba diving attire in differing water temperatures.

Things To Consider Before Scuba Diving

Summer comes along with many wonderful water sports such as scuba diving. However, before indulging in this particular sport it is essential you consider carefully all the following points in order to enjoy it at its fullest.

Who Can Dive

Anyone who loves water can learn how to dive but first and foremost you need to make sure in are in the right physical condition to do so and here is how you ensure you are fit for this sport.

You must be at least 15 years of age in order to scuba dive, those who are below 15 but not less than 10 can attend a junior scuba diving training as well which will not have all the practices in the adult scuba diving sessions.

You must be in good health; you will be required to fill a form where all the required fields will be listed in order to ensure that you are fit to dive. If you want to prepare before hand in order to be fit once you take the scuba diving test you can check online at Divers Alert Network for all required fields.

The Necessary Gear

Scuba diving requires specific gear, which will protect you and your body from direct exposure to water and other dangerous, sharp object you may encounter in this sport. Specialized stores as well as on location stores will rent out the required gear for the same.

Why Do We Scuba Dive

Scuba diving is done for many reasons such as: scientific research where studies are carried out to understand the underwater world and life; commercial purposes where divers looks for coral and other precious microorganisms and probably the most practiced scuba diving of all is for recreational purposes where you can simply dive and enjoy the sea life for a short period of time.

Scuba diving is a very relaxing practice, which works out your body at the same time and that is the reason you, must be fit in order to perform this sport. Those who love water find a reason to dive and enjoy the under the sea wonders and life, which many of us don’t even know exist.

Find out if you are fit to scuba dive today and try this wonderful sport, which is bound to get you addicted to it from the very first round. However, make sure you proceed with caution and until you are certified have a scuba diving instructor with you at all times to avoid any unseen mishaps or accidents.

Take A Scuba Diving Vacation And Explore The Unknown

Summer is the time to indulge in all available water sports and for those of us that love them enough can even pursue them during winter time by taking vacation in exotic places where the summer never ends.

Exploring The Unknown

Those of us who already practice scuba diving are addicted to the sport and the adventures it has to offer however, those of us who have not yet experienced such thrills, its time you took a scuba diving vacation.

The fact that a scuba diving vacation will offer you to explore an unknown world should have anyone convinced and ready to jump in a wet suit however there are a few things you must consider before taking the plunge and they are:

Your physical condition is the most important factor and that will be determined by the scuba diving instructor on site who will provide you with a question and answer form that covers all the required fields to determine your present physical state. A scuba diving instructor must accompany all those that are not certified divers for their protection and well being.

Age is the next factor, most places will not allow diving for those who are under 10 years of age; for those who are between 10-15 years of age there are junior scuba diving initiation and for those 15 and above can join the adult groups. There is no set maximum age however, that vastly depends on your physical condition.

Last but not least is the equipment which is usually a must especially if you are beginner in the scuba diving sport however, I suggest you wear a the gear even if you are professional for your protection and that of the environment.

What To Expect From Your Scuba Diving Vacation

Everything you expected and more, a scuba diving vacation will introduce you to exploring the unknown world of under the sea or ocean and enjoy a unique kind of tranquil and relaxation that you will get addicted to once you will practice this sport.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find yourself more and more interested in this sport and planning for your next scuba diving vacation as soon as one ends.

Scuba diving opens a whole new world to learn from and understand; if you practice this wonderful sport right you will be able to find new passions and hobbies in the deep waters of the sea and ocean.

Scuba Diving Schools: Important Lessons For A Fun Activity

When you want to go scuba diving, you can’t just strap on some equipment and jump into the water. There are certain safety rules you should follow. Not to mention you need to learn how to use all that equipment. For this reason, there are many scuba diving schools that will show you exactly how to use the equipment as well as what to do once you’re under the water.

Everything Is Provided

Scuba diving schools provide everything you need in order to get your certification to get yourself prepared for the ultimate vacation experience. Many people enroll their whole family in scuba diving schools. There’s no other way to spend your vacation than to take your family on a scuba diving trip. However, you’ll feel much better if your family knows what they’re doing. For this reason, you’ll want to find a scuba diving school near you.

To find scuba diving schools near you, check the local yellow pages or do an internet search. Different schools offer different packages so search around for the best deal for what you want. You can either purchase your own equipment or just rent whenever you’re ready to actually take that plunge but most scuba diving schools provide everything you need at least to get you started to provide you with some kind of experience.

When you go to scuba diving schools, you are working towards your certification. Your certification says that you are skilled in the use of the equipment and that you know what you’re doing. The certification is only offered to those who have a certain amount of real time underwater experience. To accomplish this, scuba diving schools will either take you to the coast or, if you don’t live near the coast, you’ll sometimes be taken to an indoor pool. Many scuba diving schools make use of indoor pools to show you what it’s like underwater. After all, there’s no better way to learn than by actually doing it.

If you’re looking to do something different and you want to see what there is to see under the water, try enrolling you or your whole family in one of the many scuba diving schools all over the world. You’ll have the time of your life and you’ll attain a new skill that will serve you whenever you want to travel to that world under the surface of the water.

The Importance Of Scuba Diving Lessons

Scuba diving is a sport that is complex, adventurous and a lot of fun; most of us that enjoy this game know that it is both fun and dangerous if you are not paying attention to the very important directions in which scuba diving should be carried out.

Why Attend Scuba Diving Lessons?

All scuba diving is usually done with certified instructors or if you are doing it by yourself you must be certified as well. Scuba diving can be fatal if not done the right way as you will explore deep parts of water where your life depends on reflexes and the oxygen tank that allows you a limited amount of time in the water of which you are made aware of before hand.

Scuba diving lessons cover every single aspect of how you should dive and the precautions you need to take in order not to put your life in danger. By law you are not allowed to scuba dive without a certified instructor but through taking scuba diving lessons you can acquire this certification and then dive by yourself.

Who Can Attend Scuba Diving Lessons?

Scuba diving lessons are divided in two categories: children and adults. The children group cannot be under 10 years of age while the adults groups start from 15 years of age. A maximum age is not yet set however, it will strongly depend on your physical condition and capabilities.

Before enrolling for scuba diving lessons you will be needed to fill in a form that determines your health and physical state, this is extremely important as under the water if you have a muscle cramp, stoke or any other major attack it can be fatal. If you want to get an idea of these questioners you can go on any scuba diving site, this will help you prepare before you enroll in a class and save you a lot of time in case you do need to improve certain areas.

Anyone who fits the above description can attend scuba diving lessons and become a certified diver once that course is completed.

Helpful Tips

Scuba diving lessons are important for your own well being, do not try to dive without a certified instructor’s supervision at any time. Once you have learnt the basics and completed the course you too will understand the importance of these initial lessons and knowledge.

Ensure you have all the required gear before plunging in the water, it will protect you and the fragile environment under the sea/ocean that you are about to explore.


The Importance of a Scuba Diving Gear Review

The word scuba is short for self contained underwater breathing apparatus, and these initials were first formed in 1939 in the US Navy and referred to that of the US military diver’s rebreather sets. Just like radar, the acronym is so common that it is not capitalized and is instead thought of as being an ordinary word.

The modern scuba diving set consists of two distinct things and these are open-circuit, called aqualung in the European countries and the closed-circuit/semi-closed circuit also known as a rebreather. In the case of aqualung or open-circuit scuba diving gear review, the driver is able to breathe in from the set and out to waste.

This is simple equipment and is easily and cheaply manufactured though it is uneconomical when used with expensive gas mixes like heliox and trimix and most divers just use standard air consisting of 21% oxygen and 79% Nitrogen.

Further Scuba Diving Gear Review

On the other hand, the closed-circuit/semi-closed circuit or rebreather scuba diving gear review allows the diver to be able to breathe in from the set and returns into the set where exhaled gas becomes reprocessed to enable it to be fit to breathe again.

Because of the fact that as much as 80% of oxygen is still around in exhaled gas, it could end up being wasted were it not for rebreathers which use gas economically and thus enable divers to stay submerged for longer durations of time as well as making special mixes to use instead of the more complicated technology that may otherwise become necessary. The rebreather comes in three different variants including oxygen, semi-closed circuit and fully-closed circuit rebreathers.

There is a certain amount of misinformation that is being circulated by newspapers and television news which sometimes describes the open-circuit scuba diving gear as being oxygen equipment and this may be due to comparing it with the aero plane pilot’s oxygen cylinders.

More recently, however there has been increased acceptance of Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) and almost every scuba diving gear review discusses the use of simple compressed air. Use of EAN having a higher percentage of oxygen allows the diver to stay underwater longer due to the fact that there is less nitrogen being absorbed in to the tissues of the body.

Another scuba diving gear review point that crops up is that of the twin-hose open-circuit scuba which is the first type of diving demand valve and was also used in SCUBA adventures like TV’s Sea Hunt. In addition, there are also cryogenic open-circuit scuba diving sets which have liquid-air tanks instead of cylinders.

Scuba Diving Computer: Better Than Dive Tables

A scuba diving computer, which is better known as a dive computer, is a digital device that can do the task of managing nitrogen without requiring the diver to have a watch or dive table. As a combination of a timer and a depth gauge plus some intelligent software that helps to compute absorption of gases, the scuba diving computer is a popular device that is used by most experienced divers.

It is very necessary for the diver to know about remaining nitrogen as well as decompression and this may also be done by manual dive tables, but the scuba diving computer is much more valuable as it can greatly improve the dive experience through automation of the management of nitrogen.

In reality, the scuba diving computer will not plan a dive for the scuba diver, who is still solely responsible for correct and safe planning in conformance with health guidelines. On the other hand, the scuba diving computer will be able to keep track of the depth as well as time spent underwater, calculates the amount of nitrogen that the diver’s body contains and alerts the divers when these levels become too high and also helps the diver to take suitable decompression stops whenever necessary.

What Happens

When the diver performs a traditional scuba dive there are just two variables that are used to describe the dive and these are maximum depth as well as time. When one calculates the amount of absorbed nitrogen one assumes that the diver had plunged immediately to maximum depth and remained there for some time and later returned to the surface.

In such an instance, the dive profile is said to be square, because when graphed on an X-Y axis, for instance, it produces a rectangular like trench. However, in reality the dive is not like that and a diver would descend slowly, swim about and change depth to find his or her way around reefs or bottom formations and then slowly return back to the surface.

The main advantage of a scuba diving computer is that it allows for longer bottom lines and dive tables having a square profile are mostly conservative having exaggerated absorption which tends to lean towards the safe side. However, the scuba diving computer enables a curved profile and regularly allows the diver to stay submerged for longer periods of time.

Therefore, before choosing a scuba diving computer it may also be wise to check out the brand and model as well as ascertain whether the batteries easy to change, and is the computer’s interface easy to read and is it backlit or not?

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Going on an all Inclusive Scuba Diving Vacation

The Perfect Trip

For those who wish to visit a perfect island vacation spot, they should know that the Bahamas Islands are especially suitable and if scuba diving is your area of interest you may rest assured that here lie some of the largest and most unexplored barrier reefs in the world.

The Bahamas Andros Barrier Reef is in fact the number three longest reef system in the world and is almost mostly unexplored and Small Hope Bay Lodge has been providing service for scuba diving for well over forty years and is the first family run dive resort in these parts of the world and make a wonderful destination for one’s all inclusive scuba diving vacation.

The Andros reef is unique not only because of its size but also because it has so many different formations and there are over 60 dissimilar dive sites at Small Hope Bay Lodge. Divers have been visiting this all inclusive scuba diving vacation destination since the 1960s, when double-hose regulators were considered as being state-of-the-art and BCs had not as yet been invented.

In the Atlantic Ocean, the Andros Barrier Reef is second in terms of size and is also mostly unexplored and here, at this all inclusive scuba diving vacation resort there are scuba instructions, dive facilities, scheduled dives, custom-tailored dives, coral gardens, wall diving, cavern diving, wrecks, blue holes, dive sites, Nitrox, shark observation experience to name the different options the guest may avail of.

The all inclusive scuba diving vacation resort of Small Hope has two wreck dives and these are both in sixty to seventy feet of water. The first wreck is called The Barge, which is an aircraft landing barge that went down over thirty years ago and the second is The Marion, which is a construction barge and crane that has seen the bottom of the ocean for approximately fifteen years.

Blue Hole scuba diving are done in underwater cave systems and Andros has so many of these that the list is too extensive to mention, though one of the main ones is The Big Blue Hole which is a system of caves starting at 40 feet and which is a standard offering at this all inclusive scuba diving vacation resort.

Divers may also observe and experience the thrill of sharks and it may help them educate themselves about these misunderstood creatures of the deep.