Choices For The Best Scuba Diving In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country full of beautiful sights, sounds and experiences. The best scuba diving in Costa Rica is difficult to choose because the country boasts many different dive sites. The best scuba diving in Coast Rica may be dependent on what the diver is looking for and what level he or she is in scuba diving. Beginners are advised to stick to the safer dive sites especially when the currents are pretty strong in some of the sites for intermediate and advanced divers.

Cocos Island

This island is a national park about 330 miles away from mainland Costa Rica. This national park is a byword in beauty when it comes to diving. The best scuba diving in Costa Rica is found here due mainly to the diverse marine flora and fauna in the waters. There are many different dive vacation packages that focus on Cocos island dive trips. The vacations may last for about three to five days filled with diving adventures.

There are about fifteen (15) dive spots just around the island which points out the reason why it is considered to be the best scuba diving in Cost Rica. One has the choice of seeing hammerhead sharks, black and white tip sharks, eagle and manta rays as well as turtles and other larger fish like tuna and jacks in Viking Rock dive site or Manuelita Outside dive site.

Dirty Rock is one of the main reasons why this is the best scuba diving in Costa Rica. The rock formations in this dive site is not only home to many different species of fish and marine life but also offer shelter to divers who wish to see hammerheads, black tips and white tips interact. Whale sharks and dolphins also pass through this are which is why many intermediate and advanced divers consider this one of the best scuba diving in Costa Rica. .

Bajo dos Amigos is a spot farthest from the main island of Cocos. This area is great for diving and looking out for sail fish, wahoos, different varieties of sharks and rays as well as black coral. The government prohibits diving at this spot outside of the dry season due to strong currents which even seasoned open water divers may have difficulty escaping. This may not be the best scuba diving in Costa Rica but still worth a shot for intermediate and experienced divers.

The best scuba diving in Costa Rica is definitely in Cocos Island. Consider taking a diving vacation here during the dry season to experience the most that the island has to offer.