Is there Cheap Scuba Diving Certification?

Before people invest in scuba diving certification, it is a good idea to test out diving in a pool situation before taking a full course. There are often test diving classes that can be taken in a pool situation where an instructor takes the students on a shallow pool dive to give them the experience of breathing underwater. For some people, that is enough to show them that they want to pursue diving while others may find that the experience is not for them. In either case, it is helpful to make the determination before investing hundreds of dollars into the scuba diving certification. The online scuba diving certification is not very expensive, only costing a little over one hundred dollars for the materials and test. However, cheap scuba diving certification that includes the book learning, water training and rental gear is hard to find, and individuals should expect to spend at least three hundred dollars in the course of their training.


Sometimes, individuals can find cheap scuba diving certification deals when going on vacation. Often part of the vacation package is a cheap scuba diving certification class that can be taken over the first few days of the trip to allow the people to participate in dives in the area during the rest of the vacation. These deals are often the cheapest scuba diving certification classes since all of the book learning, in-water training and gear is included in the cost rather than trying to find the best prices separately.

Initially the scuba diving certification can seem cheap since the book learning part is only a little over one hundred dollars. However, that is only one step of the process. The person will also have to pay for the in-water classes, which will often run the same amount as the book learning part, depending on how fast the person masters the skills. The person will also have to rent the equipment to participate in the class unless it is included in the in-water training fees. The equipment costs can end up adding another hundred dollars to the certification cost over the time it takes to become trained and certified, thus creating a total amount of right around three hundred dollars for the scuba diving certification, which is not so cheap. However, in comparison to other types of certification, such as a pilot’s license, three hundred dollars is not a large investment in a certification that can last a lifetime.