Planning for Scuba Diving Certification Cost

When looking for cheap scuba diving certification it is wise to shop around to make sure that the company being used offers valid certification credentials. There are professional organizations that keep the diving standards uniform so that a person certified through a course is certified to dive all over the world. The scuba diving certification cost can be minimized if the entire course is given as a package deal rather than having to buy the book learning part of the course, the water learning and the rental equipment separately. There are some times that people can find a package deal for scuba diving certification while on vacation so that they can take the course and then participate in diving the area where they are vacationing.

Typical Costs

Scuba diving certification costs for the book learning part of the course is usually just over one hundred dollars. The scuba diving certification cost includes all of the materials needed to study the book learning part of scuba diving, including safety information and theory, as well as the certification test for the information part of scuba diving. This cost does not include the in-water training part of the course which is required to obtain certification. It also does not include the rental diving equipment that is needed to participate in the in-water diving courses.

Children must be at least thirteen to be able to purchase a scuba diving certification online. If the children are younger than that they must obtain the training through a local dive center with a parent or legal guardian who is certified. Children are also limited as to the depths that they can dive, so parents need to be fully aware of the limitations on their children for safety reasons.

The in-water part of the scuba diving certification cost is approximately the same as the book learning part of the cost. The rental equipment can also cost about that amount over the entire time it takes for the person to pass the in-water part of the certification. The cost really depends on the individual, because for some, they can master the pool part of the training in a session or two and then can move to the open water dives, where they might also master those skills very quickly and be certified. That person will incur less of a scuba diving certification cost than a person that takes longer to learn the skills.