Possibly The Best Scuba Diving In Hawaii

Hawaii is well known for many things from coffee to volcanoes. One other thing that the islands are well known for is scuba diving. The best scuba diving in Hawaii can be found almost anywhere in the islands. The islands are surrounded by a variety of natural and man made marine structures that play house to many different kinds of marine wild life. First time divers and experienced divers will get their fill of marine adventure when they visit Hawaii. Hawaii may be similar to Costa Rica in the sense that the best scuba diving in Costa Rica is what you make it. In other words, it is dependent on what one prefers to see and experience.


This island is by far the one that just may offer the best scuba diving in Hawaii. The diversity of dive sites is awe inspiring from lava formations to plane and shipwrecks. There are over forty (40) dive sties in this Hawaiian island. Divers can choose to make their best scuba diving in Hawaii a dive exploring sunken wrecks of both plane wrecks and ship wrecks or choose to visit the many different lava formations that litter the pristine waters around the islands.

There are sharks to see, turtles to follow and coral reefs to play in. Many of the sites in and around the island of Oahu are for intermediate divers although there are also plenty for beginners and advanced level divers. The best scuba diving in Hawaii can be a combination of wreck diving and coral reef diving.


The island of Molokai offers some of the best scuba diving that Hawaii has to offer. While not a lot of tourists and novices are recommended to try this reef dive, many of the intermediate and advanced divers love this place. The island of Molokai boasts the longest barrier reef in the entire state of Hawaii, filled with some of the most beautiful and even rare fish in the world. The best scuba diving in Hawaii happens only when the conditions are good, which is why there is a limit to the times that divers can dive here.


The island has over 45 dive spots that range from beginners to advanced level of divers. Divers have the choice of making their best scuba diving in Hawaii filled with wall diving or reef diving. Most of the dive spots here can accommodate beginners and make it not seem so because of the diverse marine life that fill the area.