Scuba Diving Training Is Available For The Beginner As Well As Advanced Diver

Obtain Fundamental Knowledge And Skills Necessary To Dive In Open Waters

For those who desire to learn how to scuba dive, they would be well advised to first complete an Open Water Diver Course and within a few days of completion would be able to enjoy the wonders of the underwater world. The first thing to understand about scuba diving training is that it is gear intensive. In order to experience the thrill of the underwater world, one may need to take the scuba diving training and this could be at beginner level or more advanced level. The basic scuba certification course will provide fundamental knowledge as well skills necessary to scuba dive. Once the course has been successfully been completed, graduates will be considered as being competent enough to take part in open water diving activities without the need of being supervised, keeping in mind that the diving activities are at par with those provided by the scuba diving training course.

When taking a scuba diving training course for open water dives, the minimum requirement is five dives and these may all be scuba dives or even one skin dive plus four scuba dives. On any single day it is not permitted to perform more than two scuba dives during the course and in addition, all open water dives should be performed during daylight hours. The maximum depth of the open water dives should not exceed sixty feet while undergoing scuba diving training.

So, one may ask what are the minimum requirements necessary to qualify for a scuba diving training course? The requirements vary from course to course and teaching center to teaching center but may usually be minimum age should not be less than 15 years for the scuba diving certification, though there are also junior certification for ages 12-14. There is usually no diver certification required and persons who have prior skills obtained from other courses may get awarded extra credits for such skills and knowledge acquired.

There is also an advanced scuba diving training course which is a continuing education certification course for divers already qualified and is an enjoyable program designed to make the diver knowledgeable about various diving activities as well as being taught in an entirely open water setting. Graduates from this course would be considered as being competent enough to take part in open water diving activities. The advanced scuba diving training course is useful for those who desire advanced training, have moved from one area of diving to another and also desire to be orientated to local settings. It is also useful for those who do not have NAUI certification but who desire to have one.