Suggestions For The Best Scuba Diving In Mexico

Mexico is known for its many attractions and scuba dive sites are included in these. Scuba divers will find that the best scuba diving in Mexico is in the island of Cozumel, just off the western coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The best scuba diving in Mexico can be had in this island and its vicinity. The other sites that are great for diving are in the vicinity of Playa del Carmen which is just across the island of Cozumel. This just might prove to be the best scuba diving vacation for divers.


This island is the largest Atlantic Island of Mexico and is some twelve miles from the mainland. The best scuba diving in Mexico can be found in the waters around this island. It was actually Jacques Cousteau who popularized the island of Cozumel as the best scuba diving in Mexico. The reefs in the area are dense and diversely populated, exposing the scuba diver to many different kinds of marine wildlife.

For those who wish to see large pelagics, rays and sharks, their chance of the best scuba diving in Mexico is to go to the northwest end of the island of Cozumel for the Barracuda reef and Barracuda wall. The currents in this area are pretty strong and there is a limit as to how many boats and divers can dive. They harbor master requires all the divers who try this dive to be experienced open water divers used to drift diving and strong currents. Another requisite for the best scuba diving in Mexico site is to be strong due to drift currents that can bring you out to the open sea.

The reefs that surround the island of Cozumel are abundant and the most noteworthy for tourist divers or novice divers is the Chankanaab reef. This reef is full of marine life and often has larger predators prowling about to. Marine sculptures are also present and they can inspire awe in the divers who see them. This is one of the areas for best scuba diving in Mexico.

Another reason why this is the spot for the best scuba diving in Mexico is because of the cenotes. Cenotes are water filled pools that can be shallow pools of water or caves filled with water that go several meters underground. The best scuba diving in Mexico may not be in the open water but in the cenotes. This experience needs divers who are experienced in cave exploring and do not get spooked easily..