There Is A Scuba Diving Course Meant For Beginners As Well As Advanced Divers

Need For Minimizing The Risks Involved In Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be thought of as being an adventure sport, which has many an inherent risk attached to it and the best way of minimizing these risks is to get maximum education in scuba diving. With so many different scuba diving courses available today one is able to pick and choose the one that best suits individual needs. The scuba diving course may begin with skin-diver/junior skin-diver and progress up to scuba diver/ junior scuba diver. As one becomes more proficient, there is the advanced scuba diver/ junior advanced scuba diver course and then on to the master scuba diver course before finally culminating in the scuba instructor course.

The scuba diving course will teach the student the process of snorkeling and holding-the-breath diving and once the training has been completed, the graduate would possess all the skills necessary to become a comfortable and safe scuba diver. At the entry level course, there is taught fundamental knowledge as well as skills to safely scuba dive in open water and on completion, the graduate would be free to explore and discover the many wonders of the underwater world. The scuba diving course will impart teaching to the student as to how best to use dive equipment, what is the science behind diving as well as responsible diving practices and a bit about the environment. There are also many water skills that are taught as well as using practice time in learning safety and comfort and the course may be completed with a minimum of five open water dives.

For the advanced scuba diving course, additional training is given when the diver has moved from one diving area to another and would like to learn local orientation and also wish to have NAUI certification, which he or she does not presently have. The scuba diving course will also teach orientation about different diving sites and conditions. This scuba diving course will require completing a minimum of six open water dives that also includes three separate dives for navigation, night or low visibility diving as well as deep diving (130 feet maximum depth) and also, three different dives.

The master scuba diving course is a form of continuing education certification that is aimed at divers wishing to enhance their comprehension as well as enjoyment of diving and is an excellent progression that leads to NAUI leadership roles.