Understanding the Importance of Pro Scuba Diving Gear

The ideal pro scuba diving gear should enable the diver to have unlimited bottom time and not ever having to worry about a dropping pressure gauge that tells the diver that his or her time is up. There is some pro scuba diving gears available which might consist of a Kirby Morgan band mask, for instance, as well as approximately 50 pounds of weight plus some 300 feet of air hose.

Of course, this is a special kind of pro scuba diving gear that only certain expert divers know about.

What Else is Important to Know?

In addition, there could be different versions of the Kirby Morgan 28 band mask and one such in particular has a fiberglass and stainless steel front plate which helps to place the head in a neoprene helmet instead of in a hard shell. Band mask is the term originating from the stainless-steel clamp that encircles the faceplate holding the seven mil thick hood to the mask.

The helmet on the inside has a neoprene gasket that completely surrounds the face and also has a breathing cup that seals the nose, mouth and chin. To equalize one has to manipulate a knob which in turn rotates a nose dam that is situated in the nose/mouth cup.

The faceplate is made of reinforced glass and rests approximately three inches farther out and the communications unit as well as a check valve is also house in the frame to allow one-way air flow from the main air supply hose. The helmet is also accompanied with a dry suit, a dive computer, knife, light, leather weight harness and also approximately 50 pounds of lead plus the bail-out bottle. It may seem to be very heavy but once the pro diver is underwater it feels much lighter and is also less cumbersome as compared to a scuba rig.

There is also some other not so extremely rugged pro scuba diving gear that is available, and this includes that of a regulator, Octo, BCD and gauges. One such pro scuba diving gear in particular is that of the Aeris Competition which has the Aeris A1 scuba regulator that is low profile and light in weight and is an excellent choice to get the added backup that the more experienced divers would not do without.

Its first and second stages are low profile and have one high pressure port plus four low pressure ports that can take care of most different types of arrangements of hoses. It is Nitrox compatible to 40% and is rugged as well as dependable and is designed through use of the latest 3-D computer modeling methods which allows better modeling as well as test performance while still in the early stages of development.