Variations in Scuba Diving Certification Courses

There are scuba diving certification courses that are designed for all different levels of divers. There are courses that allow young children to learn to dive so that they can participate in shallow dives with their parents and later get their open water certification to dive once they reach fifteen, and there are courses that are designed to allow divers to become rescue divers or to go on deep water dives. The scuba diving certification cost depends on the type of course being taken and whether or not the person already has scuba gear. The information part of the courses often costs about one hundred dollars so that the person has all the information needed to pass the test. The water learning part of the course will depend on the place the instruction will get given, the experience of the instructor and the amount the rental equipment costs.

Types of Courses

There are some scuba diving certification courses that are designed for children. There are courses for children that are only eight years of age, but they are very limited in what the children can do and the parents have to be with them at all times. The parents also have to be certified divers for the children to participate in the course for the first time. There are more advanced courses for children who are ten years old, thus getting them ready for deeper dives and giving them more freedom in participating along with their parents. They can get their open water certification at thirteen in most cases, depending on where they are located.

There are many types of scuba diving certification courses for adults who already have their basic certification. There are some designed to teach people to be scuba instructors. There are others that teach people how to be a boat diver or cavern diver since there are other aspects of safety that the diver needs to know in these situations. Other scuba diving certification courses help them learn to be an underwater photographer, or to be an ice diver in colder climates. There are even scuba diving certification courses that are designed to help individuals learn to be a diver propulsion vehicle diver, or a coral reef conservation diver. For those that want to explore deeper, there are deep diving courses and wreck diving courses that serve those purposes. There are even technical diving courses that teach gas blending for certain situations.