Snorkeling Fins 101

Snorkeling fins are one of the most essential snorkeling equipment. Now if you are truly interested in this water activity then you should at least procure a pair or two. Snorkeling fins have two important uses. For one, it helps you propel at a quicker rate with less effort. Second, it serves as a protective footgear from injuries that might occur when brushing with the reefs jagged surface. There are some elements of the sea that can tear up or injure your feet if you are not wearing fins. There are different models of snorkeling fins, and deciding which one to get will depend on your needs.

Snorkeling fins are these types:

The Open foot, a preferred pair of snorkeling fins by professionals due to their requirement in wearing a boot. The boots play an important role for insulating the feet and protecting it while the diver walks over uneven surfaces lugging heavy equipment. This type of fins is heavy, bulky and stiffer than the classic model.

Full Foot is very recognizable considering it is the classic closed foot snorkeling fin. This snorkeling fin is very ideal due to its lightweight qualities and power is not that required that much.

Things to consider before buying snorkeling fins:.

You have to invest on quality and that does not mean you have to break the bank to acquire it. It is better to begin with the classic paddle fins that is light on the pocket and once you get used to it, then it’s time to invest to a more sophisticated and state of the art pair of snorkeling fins.

The snorkeling fins should be comfortable to wear so there won’t be any discomfort while you are using it. It should not cause any discomfort due to hard spots rubbing on your feet. After using for quite some time, there should not be any discomfort or any injuries. To find comfortable fins, it must fit perfectly on your feet.

How can you determine if the feet and the fins are a perfect fit? Snorkeling fins must be snug and does not constrict the blood flow of your feet. Tighter fins help you avoid injuries since it is very slippery when wet. Snorkeling sessions would be a waste of time if your snorkeling fins cannot stick to your feet when you try to achieve propulsion. If you prefer open heeled fins, make sure to buy the booties first then fit it with the fins you plan to buy.