Scuba Diving Computer: Better Than Dive Tables

A scuba diving computer, which is better known as a dive computer, is a digital device that can do the task of managing nitrogen without requiring the diver to have a watch or dive table. As a combination of a timer and a depth gauge plus some intelligent software that helps to compute absorption of gases, the scuba diving computer is a popular device that is used by most experienced divers.

It is very necessary for the diver to know about remaining nitrogen as well as decompression and this may also be done by manual dive tables, but the scuba diving computer is much more valuable as it can greatly improve the dive experience through automation of the management of nitrogen.

In reality, the scuba diving computer will not plan a dive for the scuba diver, who is still solely responsible for correct and safe planning in conformance with health guidelines. On the other hand, the scuba diving computer will be able to keep track of the depth as well as time spent underwater, calculates the amount of nitrogen that the diver’s body contains and alerts the divers when these levels become too high and also helps the diver to take suitable decompression stops whenever necessary.

What Happens

When the diver performs a traditional scuba dive there are just two variables that are used to describe the dive and these are maximum depth as well as time. When one calculates the amount of absorbed nitrogen one assumes that the diver had plunged immediately to maximum depth and remained there for some time and later returned to the surface.

In such an instance, the dive profile is said to be square, because when graphed on an X-Y axis, for instance, it produces a rectangular like trench. However, in reality the dive is not like that and a diver would descend slowly, swim about and change depth to find his or her way around reefs or bottom formations and then slowly return back to the surface.

The main advantage of a scuba diving computer is that it allows for longer bottom lines and dive tables having a square profile are mostly conservative having exaggerated absorption which tends to lean towards the safe side. However, the scuba diving computer enables a curved profile and regularly allows the diver to stay submerged for longer periods of time.

Therefore, before choosing a scuba diving computer it may also be wise to check out the brand and model as well as ascertain whether the batteries easy to change, and is the computer’s interface easy to read and is it backlit or not?