Scuba Diving Equipment Package: Should be Bought off Reputed Manufacturers

There are many stores that specialize in scuba diving equipment packages and which sell dive equipment from all of the top manufacturers. No matter that one is only looking for one’s first scuba mask or for a full setup of scuba gear there is sure to be one that will meet every need and budget requirement, and you should also make sure that the scuba diving equipment package has scuba gear that has a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Finding a Bargain on a Scuba Diving Equipment Package

For those who are seeking out quality scuba diving gear, particularly so at discounted prices, you should know that there are also many decent bargains available with most stores that sell that of a scuba diving equipment package, as they are constantly adding new items to their product list and so there is plenty to choose from for both the first time diver as well as for the more experienced divers.

The better scuba diving equipment package would include manufacturers such as Dacor, Sherwood, Atomic, Zeagle, Mares, Tusa as well as Scubapro, but to name but a few.

One should however exercise caution and care when buying a scuba diving equipment package because such gear needs servicing and so, when one buys, one should make sure that it is from a reputed manufacturer who would provide adequate after-sales service as well. For instance, buying any Compost Scuba or Sea Soggy branded scuba diving equipment package would make it extremely difficult to get the scuba gear worked on later on.

There are a number of different scuba diving equipment packages available, such as: Personal Gear Packages, Regular Packages and BC & Reg. Packages. All of these packages have been assembled and tested already before being sold to customers.

The Pro Pak Personal Gear Package is the same gear that is used by instructors and includes Apollo Bio-Fins, the TUSA Splendive IV Mask or the Genesis Panview, Tilos Short Molded Sole Bootie plus a Mesh Bag for carrying the gear.

The BC and Regulator Package includes the Mares Limited Edition Metal Tech Regulator, the Mares Brigade Viper Octo, and the Mares RGBM AirLab Computer. The Mares Limited Edition Morphos Metal Tech BCD is one of the most comfortable jackets BCD available and it incorporates the MRS weight system as well as the Convenience of Air trim system.

Also, the Mares Limited Edition Metal Tech Regulator uses latest technology and features very small and light forged brass first stage which are believed to be the smallest and lightest available on the market. The best is the Mares RGBM AirLab Computer which is one the most complete and integrated computers and the only one that has highly readable illuminated alarms as well as calculation of air consumed.