Advanced Experience: Scuba Diving Instructor Certification

Many people will participate in a scuba diving certification course to learn the basic diving skills they need to be able to dive at exotic locations during a vacation. These beginner level courses are designed to give people the general knowledge that they need to be able to safely dive in open water. The courses are often taken online for the book learning part of the course and then move to the pool setting to learn the basic diving skills and techniques before going to the open water for a first dive. There are also some ‘test diving’ situations that can be experienced in a pool setting where individuals who are not sure if diving is the experience for them can test the experience in a shallow dive in a controlled setting to see if they enjoy it. After that they can take the entire course if it is something they want to pursue.


In order to become a scuba diving instructor, advanced certification is required. Scuba diving instructor certification requires that the people participating master certain dive skills in the water as well as learn theory on diving that they will have to show mastery over on a written test. They will learn the basics on different types of diving such as rescue diving, as well as certain master diving skills and the educational philosophy of the particular scuba diving instructor certification program that they are participating in. Not only will the scuba diving instructor courses allow individuals to teach diving to novice divers but they will also certify them to participate in different professional diving situations where professional divers are needed.

The scuba diving instructor certification can also be pursued in specialty areas. There are some scuba diving instructor courses where underwater photography is the focus. There are others where night diving or wreck diving is the specialty. In other cases, it is deep water diving or enriched air diver courses that the person will want to pursue. In every case, the advanced certification makes the diver more attractive to be asked to do professional dives in the areas which he is an expert. The great thing about these courses is that the training is standard world wide so that the scuba diving instructor certification can usually be used in all parts of the world that the person wants to dive in or instruct in, thus opening up a wide variety of opportunities for the diver.

Scuba Diving Instructor Certification: A way to Explore and Experience the Wonders of the Underwater World

Getting a scuba diving instructor certification is a sure fire method of learning and being able to explore and experience the wonders of the underwater world, which would thus allow you to swim with the fishes and also allow you to get the exhilaration of being among the natural beauties present beneath the surface of the open waters.

How to get a Scuba Diving Instructor Certification

This scuba diving instructor certification may be obtained from International Diving Career Institute at Hall’s which provides that of state-of-the-art and progressive certification programs. One may receive their instructions in the classroom or at the pool or even in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, if they prefer.

Here, at the International Diving Career Institute at Hall, the ability to teach others any version of diving instruction no matter where it is in the world is available; the lectures at the Hall are copyrighted, and the study guides impart knowledge in such diverse subjects as equipment, environment as well as diving physics. Also taught are issues regarding such things as decompression, gas mixes, Nitrox and rebreathers.

The student, during the scuba diving instructor certification course would learn to make presentations orally and as a Scuba Diving Instructor would need to make presentations in diving classes as well as for open water orientation. These presentations, the student would learn to make fun, lively and educational to make sure that the guest is given an unforgettable experience.

Water training is the most important aspect of the scuba diving instructor certification course at Hall’s and it has its own resort that allows the student to receive his or her own underwater training in a real diving environment and that too, in Florida Keys.

The Hall has a number of scuba diving instructor certification programs and these include Scuba Diving Instructor, Professional Deep Tech Instructor, Professional Rebreather Instructor, Professional Divemaster/Boatmaster, Diving Accident Response Technician as well as a few others.

Another place for obtaining a scuba diving instructor certification is Dive Tortola which offers a number of attractive scuba diving instructor certification packages including Resort Course, Open Water Referral Dives, Full Open Water Course, and Advanced Open Water Course. The first step would be to take the one day Resort Course and then to move on to Open Water Referral Dives that will help learns open water dives in the clear and warm waters of Tortola.

The next step would be to take the Full Open Water Course which lasts three to four days and is an internationally recognized certification. Finally, one may take the Advanced Open Water Course which is designed for increasing the student’s knowledge about Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation as well as three specialty dives including any three out of the following six: Multi-Level Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Naturalist, Fish Identification as well as Wreck Diving.