A Scuba Diving Watch Needs To Be Water Resistant As Well As Have A Rotating Bezel

Not The Same As Standard Waterproof Watches

The scuba diving watch is a must for anyone diving without a nitrogen managing scuba dive computer as he or she will then need to manage downtime by using a dive table and in order to use such dive tables using a scuba diving watch is essential. There are two essential distinguishing features of a scuba diving watch and these are water resistance and a rotating bezel. Real dive watches are rated as being conducive for use at depths that are measured in feet or meters or at pressure ratings in atmospheres and even though one may not dive beyond 130 feet one still needs to look for depth ratings of 200 feet. So, the scuba diving watch should be able to withstand pressure as well as be capable of functioning at greater depths and they are certainly not the average waterproof watches that is used to wearing in normal life.

The bezel is a rotating dial on the face of the scuba diving watch and has a pointer indicator. When one descends into the water, the bezel ought to be aligned with the minute hand at which point it stays during the dive. When one compares the minute hand with the bezel one can easily know how long one has been submerged in the water. One should understand that the bezel only turns counter-clockwise and this is done to ensure that banging the watch against an object or one’s own body or even an accidental turn will not result in misalignment of the bezel and so keep an accurate record of how long one has been submerged in the water.

Of course, there are a wide variety as well as makes and models of scuba diving watches available and one can pick and choose the one most suitable, depending on needs and budget. The Citizen Hyperaqualand TT Rubber Watch is a professional scuba diving watch which also has depth display. It is made of stainless steel and also has gold accents and a black rubber strap as well as a digital dial and depth display and memory. Other notable features are dive log, alarms for ascent rate, low battery display or sensor errors and it can also measure elapsed surface time after dive and is water resistant up to 200 meters and has a personal interface for computers (Windows) which enables it to transfer dive log data to a PC and one may also display and/or print dive data and graphs.