The Importance of the Steel Scuba Diving Tank

The steel scuba diving tank is best used when the diver wants to gain a higher density rate, especially as compared with aluminum because the higher density of the steel allows the tank to be buoyant in a negative manner when the dive gets completed. The steel scuba diving tank is available either as high pressure or low pressure with the former being smaller and at the same time contains higher volume of air and needs a regulator set up for DIN.

The low pressure steel scuba diving tank is a lot easier to fill though they are larger when taking into account the volume of air that they can hold. The High Pressure steel scuba diving tank comes in two models – the HP 100 and the slightly smaller AL80.

The Differences

There is difference between pressure and volume, and it may be mentioned in particular that the pressure of a tank does not indicate the measurement of size or volume of the tank. Pressure is basically that of the amount of compression that the air holds and is measured in pounds per square inch and steel scuba diving tanks come in combinations of volumes as well as fill pressures and cubic foot volume is the unit of measure that tells how much air the tank actually holds.

To release or stop the flow of air one usually has a valve do this operation and there is the K-Valve which is most used in low pressure steel scuba diving tanks as well as the DIN valve which are used on high pressure steel scuba diving tanks and the pressure would necessarily have to be 3300 PSI and more. The regulators that are used on high pressure tanks need that the regulator be converted to DIN.

The XS Scuba High Pressure Steel 100 tank is a next generation technology high pressure steel scuba diving tank that is compatible with any regulator and includes Pro Valve Standard Yoke and is DIN compatible. It is also Nitrox ready up to 40%, which is the limit for recreational scuba diving and has pressure of 3442 PSI and includes a self-draining tank boot.

As well, it is made from Chromemoly Steel, which is the same alloy that is very rugged and is also used in aircraft frames and provides maximum strength-to-weight resilience and the steel scuba diving tank has a diameter of 7.25 inches and is also 24 inches in length.

It weighs 33 pounds when empty and is -10 pounds when buoyancy full and only -2.5 pounds when buoyancy empty. In addition, the steel in the steel scuba diving tank provides improved and superior characteristics when compared to aluminum and also allows the diver to shed some pounds of lead from the weight system.